Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Death by Bikini by Linda Gerber

I would give this book five out of five stars, because it is excellent. It is the best book I have read in two years! Aphra lives with her father on their island resort. Everything is calm and peaceful until the Smiths turn up on their island without being flown in by the pilot. They were not flown in by Frank, who delivers all visitors to the island. Aphra knows something is very wrong when her dad is hiding the Smith’s information, and she can’t find any records of them. Then, the day after their arrival, a girl is found dead on the beach, strangled by her bikini top. Aphra must figure out who the killer is and what is going on around the island, with more surprise visitors and suspects coming in. She has to fin out who she can trust and know that danger can be behind the most innocent of faces.

I very much enjoyed reading Death by Bikini. It is definitely a page turner, and is very hard to put down. I read this book a lot faster than most other books that I read. Death by Bikini is a great book for anybody who likes exciting and fun mysteries that are not like the ones you would typically read.

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