Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

I would give Twilight five stars. This book is about a girl named Bella who moves to a small town in Washington named Forks. There she meets a young family friend by the name of Jacob Black. At school she meets another guy named Edward Cullen. Jacob is a wolf, and Edward is a vampire. She falls in love with Edward but she is in danger. There are other clans in the area that smell Bella and chase her back to Arizona. A big show-down happens in Bella’s old ballet studio. The vampire named James form the other clan bites her and inserts his poison into her. Only Edward can save her.

People would like this book because it is a great romance novel and it keeps on the edge of your seat. This book has a lot of twist and turns you won’t expect to happen which makes it a thrilling read. Overall it’s a great book and all should read it. This is only the first book in a saga of five. The next book in the series is New Moon.

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