Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tiger by Jeff Stone

I rate this book five out of five. Tiger is a book about five monks around 12 years old. Their names are Fu, Seh, Long, Hok, and Malao. Their names are Cantonese, and they are all animal names. Their names are the style of kung fu. Fu means tiger, Seh means snake, Long means dragon, Hok means crane, and Malao means monkey. Their personalities also resemble their animals. Fu always wants to attack and is very strong. Seh is silent when he wants to be and very quick on the attack. Long is very well-rounded. He is quiet, patient, strong, and fast. Hok is very patient and has good eyes. Malao is very fast and a good climber

Their temple (Cangzhen) is attacked by their former brother, Ying, and they are all told to run away and find out about their pasts. This book is about what Fu does after he runs away. He goes back to the temple and gets the dragon scrolls, which are what Ying wants. He then runs into the forest and just keeps walking. He hears a tiger being attacked and goes to help. When he sees the tiger and its baby cub being attacked, he runs in with a stick and smacks the governor’s son on the ear. The kid runs away with his father. Fu is later caught, and on the way to be transported to the Emperor, his brother Malao attacks with a monkey and saves Fu.

I really like this book. It is full of twists and turns and is very action-packed. I also like books about ninjas and stuff like that. It will keep me busy too, because it is a seven-book series.

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