Monday, January 3, 2011

Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke

Dragon Rider is an exceptional book that takes place around the world in present day. This thrilling tale unravels when a colony of Dragons are in fear of being exposed to humans, because humans are drilling in the Dragons’ mountain pass. As many of the Dragons declare the threat of humans to be miniscule and turn away, Firedrake, a young Dragon, comes forth and declares that he is going on a quest to find the Rim of Heaven, the original birthplace of Dragons located in the Himalayas. Firedrake, accompanied by a mythical Scottish Brownie, and Ben, a human boy. This epic plot includes graphic battles, spies, and a spiteful enemy, Nettlebrand the Golden One.

Dragon Rider has no sequels or prequels. After finishing this book, I knew instantly that I would rate this book a five out of five. I decided this because Cornelia made sure that the book was constantly interesting.

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