Monday, January 10, 2011

The Rover by Mel Odem

The Rover is about a dweller, or “halfling,” named Wick who works at a secret library called the Vault of All Known Knowledge. It is on a hidden island in the middle of the Blood-Soaked Sea. One day, Wick is asked by a grandmaster at the library to deliver a package to a place at the harbor and as a result, he is abducted by dwarven pirates, sold into slavery, adopted by thieves, and ends up fighting a dragon.

I thought this book was interesting, because the whole time Wick has his adventures, he has to keep the Vault a secret even though he may never even see it again. I also thought it was really interesting that no one on his hidden island knew how to read, so he had a really tough time keeping his secret when they found out he could read. The Rover is a really good book for anyone who likes a good adventure book with lots of different personalities.

I gave The Rover a four out of five because it was very good, but it had a little less action than I hoped it would.

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