Monday, January 3, 2011

Gimme A Call by Sarah Mylmowski

Gimme a call is a book about magic cell phones, high school drama, and too many choices. I gave Gimme a call four out of five stars because it was a really good book, but a little towards the end it seems to repeat itself. This book was about a high school senior named Devorah Banks, of Devi for short. It’s almost senior prom time when Devi’s boyfriend, Bryan Sandersons, dumps her. Devi is devastated because she and Bryan went out all through high school. One day while Devi is sulking at the mall, she accidently dropped her cell phone into the fountain. Just as she that, it didn’t work anymore, but when she pressed the send button, she calls her own phone, three years ago. Now Devi has the chance to fix her past mistakes by telling her freshman self all the answers to her problems. When ever Freshman Devi, or Frosh, makes a mistake Senior Devi, or Ivy, can call Frosh and tell her how to fix the problem.

This book was an amazing book, but it might confuse some readers because every other chapter, the person telling the story changes so it goes Ivy, Frosh, Ivy, Frosh and so forth. Sarah Mylnowski also wrote another series called Magic in Manhattan that readers who like this book will surely love.

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